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ACMI67 is a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. We offer the best services with an experienced and dedicated team to all our clients. We make sure that you have a strong digital presence and help you and your business grow great heights.

  • Your website is the face of your business in the digital world. If you are losing out on web design, there are no second thoughts on the fact that you will have to lose a lot of potential leads.

  • When you have a properly functioning website, the product, or the service that you offer can be easily marketed through various digital mediums and reach a large number of people.

Web Design Drive Your Marketing Strategy

When you have a properly functioning website, the product, or the service that you offer can be easily marketed through various digital mediums and reach a large number of people.

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After availing our services, you will witness an evident increase in the number of leads as our conversation rates are very high.
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When it comes to analytics and branding, we have an expert team who can take care of your business grow great heights of the entire process.

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ACMI67 is definitely the best when it comes to web development and web marketing. Their designs are great, exceptional, and very engaging. It is a great asset to any business.

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Table Saw

Different kinds of table saw and their uses

A table saw is an essential woodworking tool that helps you make your own furniture easier. woodworknation.com has a good collection of best router saw available in the market. A circular saw blade which protrudes out and is powered by electric motors is having a good investment. It is versatile and can help you do many kinds of work as possible. If you are planning to buy one there are various kinds of table saw available in the market. It is important to know about different kinds of saw and how to effectively use them.

Bench-top or portable table saw

Bench-top or portable table saw

Bench-top saw also known as portable table saw does not come with legs. It is very simple, just attach to any stand and start cutting your wood to your desired shape. It has a universal brush motor with a blade of 10 inches. As it has to cut through the wood, the materials are made of strong and durable materials likes aluminium, steel and plastic. They are the cheapest form of the table saw as are suitable for beginners and professionals alike, view this page for more details.

Contractor saws

If you are efficient with your portable saw, and you want to move to the next step. This is your tool; contractor saw requires more accuracy and is more powerful. It also has fixed legs and is made of light steel. Contractor saws are generally motor driven and are useful for hobbyists, which comes at an affordable price. It will get your wood projects done of any kind and the dust hangs right there on the rear of the saw.

Cabinet table saw

Cabinet table saw

One the most heavy duty type of table saw which requires an induction motor of 3 -5 hp which you can use to plug into a 220 v outlet. There are parallel belts that help your drive the wood and cut straight and clean pieces. They are heavy and cannot be transported from one place to another, which is better to minimize the vibrations caused while cutting and also to increase durability. https://www.woodworknation.com/best-router-bit-set-reviews/ has some of the best routers which enable you to get a better wood cuts.

Hybrid table saw

If you have no idea about which table saw you should by, a hybrid table saw enables you to combine the qualities of contractor and cabinet saws. They have a cheaper motor and have a 1.5 or 2 hp motor with an enclosed cabinet that collects dust. It is an ideal investment for a hobbyist who works from home because you need to have at least 110 v of constant power supply to keep the machine running.

Rejuvenate The Skin

10 Effective Ways To Rejuvenate The Skin

The skin is the largest body organ that covers the rest of body parts is exposed to environmental conditions such as sun rays. This makes the skin susceptible to many changes such as sunspots, wrinkles, skin redness and age spots. To overcome all this, skin rejuvenation has proven to be the most successful. Skin rejuvenation is a procedure whose main aim is to smoothen and tighten skin to give you a more youthful complexion. Below are 10 Effective Ways to Rejuvenate the Skin:


Reduce carbohydrate intake


Carbohydrates such as bread are not friendly to your skin. Carbohydrates are not good for your gut and remember that good skin comes from a healthy gut. Processed carbohydrates act as food to bad bacteria in your gut thus making them grow and strong to cause conditions such as skin acne.


Reduce or avoid alcohol intake


Most beers contain carbohydrates that are one of the enemies to good skin. Moreover, it has been proved through research that reducing or avoiding alcohol helps your skin look younger.


Get enough sleep


It is recommended that one should at least sleep for 8 hours. Enough sleep is a remedy to many body functions but most importantly, skin rejuvenation. It is believed that skin rejuvenation takes place in the late hours of the night. Enough sleep also ensures body functions take place well since the brain concentrates on other body functions when you sleep.


Gut checkups


A healthy gut results to a healthy skin. This is because of the effects the bad gut bacteria have on the skin. You should visit your physician regularly to make sure your gut is in perfect condition.


Skin exfoliation


Clearing the dead skin on your face gives space for new skin cells to be produced. You should carry out skin exfoliation on your skin regularly at least 2-4 times in a week. It is one secret to maintaining a youthful skin.


Always apply appropriate oil products


Applying jelly on your skin is a very good remedy for skin rejuvenation. Dry skin is prone to cracking which as a result may make your skin to age or crack. When you wash your face, make sure you apply your recommended jelly. You can check out easy homemade lotion with coconut oil for your DIY projects. 


Drink a lot of water


Water is life. Water is also the best remedy for the youthful skin. It is advised that one should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Water helps in excretion thus clearing skin pores of any harmful substances. It also makes your skin moist and prevents it from cracking.


The right diet


For skin rejuvenation, it is best to maintain a balanced diet. Most importantly, make sure that vitamins C and E and present in all your meals. These vitamins protect your skin from effects of the sun such as rough, dry and scaly skin.


Always wash off makeup before sleeping


Makeup is usually made from different chemicals. Sleeping with the makeup on you is very dangerous for your skin. You should wash off the makeup and sleep on a chemical free skin. These makeups may block your skin pores which may have adverse side effects.


Visit a skin care clinic


Skin rejuvenation by the use of cosmeceuticals oxygenates the skin.,make the skin brighter and tightens your skin. These treatments can only be administered by skin rejuvenation specialists who have to ascertain the appropriate chemicals that are non-allergic to your skin or are most effective.